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Top Crush Status

top crash status

The Ecstatic feeling of having crushes will not be worth enough,if we don’t have a Best friend to share with

The Person Who Always Irritates You,
Is The One Who LOVES You The Most
But Only Fails To Express It

The spaces between your fingers are meant to be filled with mine.

Loving you is like breathing How can I stop

Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night?

I just had to come talk with you. Sweetness is my weakness.

I’ll be yours forever, just tell me when to start.

Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.

I love the ones who are in my life and make it amazing. I also love the ones who left my life and made it fantastic.

If my love for you is a crime, I want to be the most wanted criminal.

Its amazing how crazy i feel when my phone vibrates and I’m begging it to be you.

Even after most said it was over between you and me, I still to this day, never shut up about you. You’ve got me wrapped around your finger.

Only if you knew how much i like you.but u r a player. My heart says yes! But my brain says “NO”.

I wish that I could put my status to what I am really thinking…

I build myself up when I’m alone, but when the moment comes and you look at me with those eyes I can’t remember what I’m doing.

I’ve found this new disease, its called LOVE. I know its contagious ’cause you gave it to me.

If i got a penny for every time i thought and dreamed about you,I would be rich.

You know that feeling when your head says no but your heart says yes? It’s wrong but it feels so right? I wish we could be together.

If people suddenly leave me or give up on me without any reasons, its their loss, not mine..

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Crushes are more beautiful than affairs because there is no responsibility, no worry, no commitment. Just look at your crush and smile like an idiot.

Love is gambling, not with money but with your heart. You can always get money back, but you might not get your heart back.

You can’t be real. May I pinch you to see if I’m dreaming?

Ever since I met you it hasn’t been the same. All you’ve got me doing is drawing hearts around your name.

Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes…just be an illusion.

Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.

Because of you, half the time I don’t even know that I’m smiling.

It’s not that we aren’t meant to be together, I think that we’re just not ready for forever.

Even though you have a new “Girlfriend” we still talk on the phone for hours when I’m awake,You still write letters and send me flowers every other day. <3

I might have to wait. I’ll never give up. I guess it’s half timing, And the other half’s luck. Wherever you are. Whenever it’s right.

stop stringing me along. Can’t you tell that every word you say makes me blush, and every smile you have makes me giggle. Don’t string me along, it’s not fair!c
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All I want is to feel your arms around me and hear you say something sweet in my ear and forget everything else but I know you don’t feel the same way.